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Application: Single-Stage (Heat/Cool)
Stages: 1 Heat/1 Cool
Programmability: Non-Programmable
5-1-1 Day
7 Day
User Interface: Touchscreen
Mount: Wall
Voltage: 24v
Operating Temp Range: 41°F to 90°F
Power Method: Hardwired
Batteries Included: 2
Battery Type: AAA
Options: Auto Changeover
Keypad Lockout
Large Display
Warranty: 6 Year Limited

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Digital Programmable Touchscreen Wall Thermostat (1 Heat/1 Cool)

Contractors can offer owners easy, yet powerful and reliable single-stage heating and cooling control in a simple, modern design with the RS910T programmable wall thermostat.
Single Stage – 1 Heat / 1 CoolProduct Features
⦁ Large terminal blocks for easy installation
⦁ Universal sub-base
⦁ Quick-access menu button
⦁ Contractor/technician setup menu
⦁ Easy-to-understand programming menus
⦁ Intuitive wake, leave, return, sleep programming icons
⦁ 24V AC Powered OR Battery Operation (Included)
⦁ 6-Year Limited Warranty
⦁ Factory pre-set energy efficiency program
⦁ Simple, yet powerful control.
⦁ Large, easy-to-read 8.8-square-inch blue backlit touchscreen display
⦁ Easy-access front-load battery compartment
⦁ Adjustable temperature differential (swing) for energy optimization and maximum
⦁ Auto changeover
⦁ Five-minute selectable on/off compressor delay protection for short-cycling prevention
⦁ Minimum compressor run time
⦁ Filter change reminder
⦁ Keypad lockout


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