Application: Heat Pump Single-Stage (Heat/Cool) Changeover: Auto Manual Display: Digital Stages: 1 Heat/1 Cool Mount: Square User Interface: Push Button Options: Large Display Auto Changeover Programmability: 5-2 Day 5-1-1 Day 7 Day Programmable Power Method: Hardwired Battery Operating Temp Range: 37°F to 102°F Color: White Wireless: No Voltage: 24v

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SKU: TH4110U2005


1H/1C Heat Pump, 1H/1C Conventional

The Honeywell T Series is a portfolio of non-connected and Wi-Fi connected thermostats designed with contractors in mind. With an interface you know, features you trust and the Honeywell quality you depend on in a sleek new aesthetic, the non-connected T Series thermostats are setting the new standard for simple installation, operation, and maintenance.
T4 Pro
⦁ Push-button programmable
⦁ Flexible scheduling
⦁ 7-day, 5-2, 5-1-1 or non-programmable
⦁ Battery or C-wire
⦁ Display size: 3.93 sq. in.
⦁ Replaces this FocusPRO or PRO model: TH6110D1021, TH6110D1005, TH5110D1022, TH5110D1006, TH4110D1007, TH3110D1008, TH2110DV1008, TH2110DH1002
NON-CONNECTED SOLUTIONS that simplify selection, installation and upsell.
Simple selection: We’ve streamlined our legacy portfolio of 20+ non-connected FocusPRO® and PRO thermostats down to just six non-connected T Series thermostats, helping you simplify inventory management and product selection.
Simple installation: All T Series thermostats use the same UWP mounting system, helping you standardize your training program, install process and truck stock. Install one and you can install them all.
Simple upsell: The T Series features a snap-together design that enables you to easily move customers from a non-connected to a connected thermostat when they’re ready for Wi-Fi – without having to remove the connector and cover plate.
Application: Heat Pump
Single-Stage (Heat/Cool)


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