PRO 1 T705


Mount: Horizontal Junction Box User Interface: Push Button Power Method: Hardwired Battery Voltage: 24v Stages: 1 Heat/1 Cool Programmability: Programmable 5-1-1 Day Application: Single-Stage (Heat/Cool) Display Range: 41°F to 95°F Control Temp Range (F): 44°F to 90°F Operating Humidity: 90% non-condensing Wireless: No Humidity Control: No

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Day Digital Programmable Thermostat (1H/1C)

⦁ 5/1/1 programmable
⦁ Easy menu driven programming
⦁ Intuitive wake, leave, return, sleep programming icons
⦁ 4 sq. inch display
⦁ Blue backlight
⦁ Glow in the dark light button
⦁ Easy access battery compartment
⦁ Electric or Gas configurable
⦁ Separate B & O terminals
⦁ Separate heating and cooling swing (cycle rate) adjustments
⦁ Room temperature calibration adjustment
⦁ 5 minute compressor delay protection (selectable on or off)
⦁ Simple private label badge system
⦁ Easy wire color coded terminal blocks
⦁ Universal sub-base
⦁ Mounts on wall or junction box
⦁ Battery or 24v power
⦁ 5 year warranty with the fabricant


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